Isolators Din Rail

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230/400VAC, Din rail mount, 17.8mm per pole

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Series CodeNo. of PolesAmpsUIDescription
BKD 1-Pole63AAC240/ 415V230/400VAC, Din rail mount, 17.8mm per pole
BKD 2-Pole40AAC240/ 415V
BKD 2-Pole63AAC240/ 415V
BKD 2-Pole80AAC240/ 415V
BKD 2-Pole100AAC240/ 415V
BKD 3-Pole63AAC240/ 415V
BKD 3-Pole80AAC240/ 415V
BKD 3-Pole100AAC240/ 415V
BKD 3-Pole125AAC240/ 415V

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